Original Songs

Lyrically set on summer solstice within a stone circle, celebrating the natural world, the song is about a woman rediscovering her innate wildness. It is about femininity and freedom.

Musically it is a warm, uplifting track with the natural sounds of double bass, percussion, acoustic guitar, and lead ukulele. Folk based songwriting with a dub reggae feel.

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Honey Bee

Honey Bee is a song written by Lucy about the plight of the worlds bee population from the point of view of the bee.

It's a beautiful song which describes in simple terms what the bees do for the planet and why we should save them.


Hummingbird was written by Lauren and it was inspired by her painting "The Hummingbird". This song speaks of the beauty that can come from pain and endurance, as seen in Kahlo's vibrant and magical life's work. .

Mr Speaker

Mr Speaker was written by Rich. The Speaker in the UK Parliament is the person who controls the debate.

When listening to the radio one day Rich questioned why, when politicians were obviously lying, the speaker didn't stop the debate and demand their honesty.

It's an anti fracking song, an anti war song but mostly it's a call for more honesty in politics.


Chico was written by Lauren. It's a stomping tune that speaks of the search for a love that has been lost.

This Drought

Lucy wrote this song about... Drought

Dreams (with Double Bass)

Dreams is known by everyone. It's the classic Fleetwood Mac song that we love to play. This was recorded into a phone camera on one of our practice nights where we were re-working the way that we play it to make it more interesting, fuller and generally more fun to play. Hope you enjoy it.

Written By Stevie Nicks

We claim no rights to this song, we just love to play it.

Dreams (With U-Bass)

Chasing the Tide (Double bass)

Written by Lauren, Chasing the Tide is inspired by days and nights spent frolicking on the beach...bliss.

Chasing the Tide (U-Bass)

Baby be good to me

Camping Song

We popped up to Steeple in Dorset for a camping trip in Summer 2017 and caught this on camera. This is one of those songs that Lucy wrote but we have never finished enough to play in a band set so this is a peek of things to come. The wonderful moment in this video with the dog can never be recreated but really does emphasise the essence of the song.