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Wild Woman

Wild Woman was written by Lauren and Lucy after Lauren came back from a Solstice at Stonehenge. It's about freedom and Femininity.

Lyrically set on summer solstice within a stone circle, celebrating the natural world, the song is about a woman rediscovering her innate wildness. It is about femininity and freedom.

Musically it is a warm, uplifting track with the natural sounds of double bass, percussion, acoustic guitar, and lead ukulele. Folk based songwriting with a dub reggae feel.

Song Trivia - When Lauren was at Stonehenge she was (unknown to her) photographed by The Guardian Newspaper and appeared the next day labelled 'A reveller'.

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Water Soul

A laid back, dreamy song with a touch of melancholy. Essentially a folk song with a hint of trip hop influence. Female fronted lyrics are about how the singer travels to the mountains, to the city, the forest, and the moor, but she is always drawn back to her home: the water.

This is sensitively supported by vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar, ukuleles, piano, strings, cajon percussion and electric bass.

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Bootleg #1

Track Listing

1. Living With the Pines (Live)

2. January Blues (Live)

3. Honey Bee (Live)

4. Chasing the Tide Away (Live)

5. Travelling Light (Live)

6. With My Own Two Hands (Cover - Live)

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Dry Up Yer Drip

1. Britain is Blue

2. Down to the River (Ben Caplan cover)

3. Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)

4. Lucifer (Mother Ukers cover)

5. Easy Skankin' (Bob Marley cover)

6. Hotel Song (Regina Spektor cover)

7. With My Own Two Hands (Ben Harper Cover)

8. Old Number 7 (The Devil Makes Three cover)

9. She Brings the Rain (Can cover)

10. I Wish that I Could See You Soon (Herman Dune cover

11. 16 Tons (Tennessee Ernie Ford cover)