Fox and The Owl are an amalgamation of all who inspire them. Meandering through roots reggae, folk, blues, psychedelia, and trip hop. Drawing songwriting from influences such as Morcheeba, The Moulettes, The Levellers, Gentle Mystics, and Sublime. This melting pot gives Fox and the Owl their own uniquely blended cross genre carnivalesque, mellifluous sound.

Performing charming, original songs inspired by nature, environmental activism, love, art, and freedom. Led by the sonic harmonies of Lauren and Lu; their music is quirky, fun, and slightly eccentric yet at the same time subtle and chic. With an acid folk sound combined with trip hop, dub, and blues. Their eclectic sets are at times gentle and soothing and at other times it will bash you in the face with guitar solos, dubby bass, and colourful drums. Often danceable, always sing-along-able The Fox and The Owl have dazzled a wide range of audiences from festival crowds and music venues to community events. Performing on the Caravanserai stage at Camp Bestival, on the main stage at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, at Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, many of the UKs alternative festivals, as well as Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion fundraisers and demonstrations.

Currently recording their self-produced album 'Taken by Water', out Spring 2020.

Lauren Johnson (vocals, ukulele)

Lu Davis (bass, guitar, vocals)

Paul Tucker (guitar, bass)

Richard Stannard (ukulele)

James Poynting (drums)


"Sublimely well written, ear-worming ditties that got your heart skipping and feet zipping"

Yakk Magazine